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300A MKI
Welding Equipment
ARC Welding

Feature Video


This Machine does Plasma Transferred Arc Welding process designed for general purpose, multi-faceted, hard face production welding.



Dual Type Power Supply Requiring 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 48 Amps

Pilot Arc Output: 10 - 100 Amps Variable

Continuous Pilot Arc Output: 100% Duty Cycle @ 40 deg C

Transfer/Main Arc Output: 15 - 300 Amps

Transferred Arc: 100% Duty Cycle at @ 40 deg C

Water Chiller Unit is a closed loop, constant temperature, water refrigeration system. It is located in the power supply console.

Cooling Capacity (Based on water at 85 deg  F): 15,000 BTUs, Temperature Stability: plus minus 2 deg F

Coolant Reservoir Capacity: 15 Gallon (Use Distilled or De-ionized Water Only.)

Torch Specifications:

Current Capacity: 20 - 250 amp
Pilot Current: 30
Deposition Rate: 1 - 80 grams/min
Tungsten Electrode: 1/8 in - 3/16 in
Plasma Nozzle: 1/8 in - 3/16 in
Cooling Requirements: 0.6 - 1.1 gpm
Carriage Manipulator:
The 2-axis programmable motion of the optional Carriage Manipulator and Table allow the operator to hardface a wide range of parts including cylindrical parts such as shafts. The carriage manipulator is used to position the torch, powder feeder and oscillator on the beam assembly. The unit has a speed range of .01 - 10 inches per minute.


2-Axis Starweld Welding System
Welding Modes: Spiral, Step Over, Linear, Rotary Oscillation, Step Over
Model 600 Torch Assembly
KK-2 Powder Feeder Assembly


Koike Aronson Welding Positioner, 2,500 Lb. Capacity, Serial #40371, Model 25P
32" Diameter Table with Power Tilt and Rotation and Manual Elevation Adjustment
40-1/2 "Floor to Centerline of Positioner Table When in the Vertical Position
Pendant Control of Welding Positioner for E Stop and Tilt Only, Variable Rotation Speed
Controlled via Stellite System
Positioner Table Tilts 0 to 140 Degrees, Rotates 360 Degrees
OEM Operation Manuals, Drawings, Schematics, etc.
Torch Gases Required But NOT Supplied
Water Chiller Unit Required But NOT Supplied

Overall Size of Components:

Stellite Control: 36 in LR x 60 in FB x 68 in High x ? Lbs.
Rail with Torch Unit: 96 in LR x 87 in FB x 48 in High x ? Lbs.
Welding Positioner: 51 in LR x 62 in FB x 62 in High x ? Lbs.
Operators Console: 27 in LR x 27 in FB x 58 in High x ? Lbs.
(2) Rail Posts: 16 in LR x 20 in FB x 68 in High x ? Lbs.

Stellite Torch
Electrical Drawing 1:
Electrical Drawing 2:

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