Help (FAQ):

  • How do you search for machines in the landing page?

There are a number of ways to accomplish this. You can go to the Search for machines menu and enter your category of machine (i.e Lathes, Milling machines, Turning Centers etc.). Then choose a subcategory such as (Turning Center=Slant Bed, Four Axis, Twin Spindle etc. or Milling machine=Bed mill, Knee Mill.

You can also click on the Machines for Sale option on the top of the page and while in that page you would be able to type in the category/type or the brand in the box at the

top left hand of the page.

You can also click on the Categories on the right hand side of the Machines for Sale page.

  • How do I insert my ad for my machine?

You click on the Sell Your machine menu on top of the landing page and from there you follow the instructions by inserting the Category and subcategory of the machine.

Notice: If your machine doesn't fall under any of the available categories just pick Unknown as category.

After you insert the category and subcategories brand and model of the machine you will fill in the Description section the technical specification of the machine. This section is in a free form style and allows you to add as much information on the machine as you wish.

In addition to The Description section we have provided you with a pdf. File upload capability. This is designed so that you can include any additional brochure or technical manuals of the machine. The buyers will appreciate the added information!

You can upload a maximum of 10 pics and a video of the machine (under power). This video can be in You Tube format or also be uploaded from your mobile phone.

After this page is completed you will be prompted to confirm your selections after which you will be directed to the billing information page and asked to provide your personal and billing information. The billing information will be directly captured by our third party billing company (Blue Pay) and kept in a highly secured server off site.

After you finish the billing cycle your ad will be uploaded after a short review.