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Machining Centers Vertical Horizontal CNC
5 Axis Machines
41800 (LB)

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Roeders RXU1001DSH High Speed 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center
Stock Number: 2540
Roeders RXU1001DSH
Age: 2017
Condition: As Is, Where Is
High speed 5-axis machining with unparalleled speed & accuracy. In the Roeders line of machines, accuracy, extreme dynamics and high machining speeds are combined with other important aspects such as outstanding chip removal, high flexibility, good ergonomics and the addition of automation. Features: * Patented sealing of all machine elements, therefore also ideally suitable for machining of graphite and other dust-creating abrasive materials without retooling, additional extraction equipment and other forms of restrictions. * Temperature stabilization of the complete machine frame for highly accurate production, water-cooling of bearings and spindle nuts as well as the milling spindle by means of an extra cooling sleeve. * Accessibility of the work area is particularly easy from 2 sides and visibility is excellent * Part loading with crane possible, front door opens roof * Tool changer - dust protected and with integrated laser measuring equipment * Laser measuring equipment for length and diameter measuring as well as checking and profile determination of the milling tool in use. * Digital drives with Sercos interface * 2 encoder systems, with high resolution in each axis for greatest accuracy and dynamic response. * Control technology, matched to the mechanical system of the machine, for movement completely free of contour variations * Operational accuracy, depending on use, with the accuracy being restricted by the machining process and not the machine itself. A Youtube video of this machine operating can be seen at:

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Specification                                                                                    Description
X-Axis Table Travel:                                                                                 31.5"
Y-Axis Saddle Travel:                                                                                 33.7"
Z-Axis Spindle Head Travel:                                                                 19.8"
Swiveling Range (A-Axis):                                                            +/-115 degrees
Turning Range (C-Axis):                                                                   360 degrees
Table Size:                                                                              23.6"Dia x 15.7"W
Table Load Capacity:                                                                               1760 lbs
Maximum Feed Rate (XYZ):                                                              2362 IPM
Spindle Taper:                                                                                       HSK F63
Spindle Speeds:                                                                          100 - 30,000 RPM
Automatic Tool Changer:                                                                   24 Station
Electrical Requirements:                                                                400V/3Phz/85kVA
Machine Weight:                                                                            41,800 lbs
Machine Size (Including Control Cabinet):                             11.5 W x 17.3 L x 11.6 H

Equipped With:
* Roeders RMS6 Control * Linear Motors - Direct Drive * Fischer 30,000 RPM Spindle, Type MFW1709/30 * HSK F63 Taper * 24 Position ATC * Quadroguide -Y&Z-Axis Construction with 4 Linear Guide Rails * Blum Laser Tool Setter * Automatic Tool Cleaning Station - Compressed Air-Blast Cleaning of Cutting Tool Before Laser Measurement * Oil Mist Spray Cooling System - Lubricates Tool With Fine Oil/Air Mist * Software for Re-Cutting Partial Programs - Fully Integrated Into the NC Milling Simulation Program * Ethernet Network Card * NC Milling Simulation Program - Easy to Use Windows Interace, Runs Directly on Control * 3D Touch Probe for Automatic Workpiece Setup - Reference Pin Included, Fully Integrated into Contol, Data Transmission via IR-Interface * High Accuracy Package - Measurement of Spindle Growth With Non-Contact Sensor * Auto-Calibration 5-Axis - "On The Fly" Calibration for Use Between or During Part Production * Surface Optimiser - RMS6/SO * Lift UP Z-Axis - In Case of Power Failure * Scraping Conveyor 1001 * Emulsion Cooling - 40 Bar * Transmission Lead-Through Milling Spindle * Oil/Mist Suction Mechanical Air Cleaning Unit * Chiller for Cooling the Spindle, Drives, and Cabinet * Available Manuals and Accessories

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