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Boring Mill Accessories
Boring Bars


The standard Q175-XLS comes complete with everything you need except the mag drill:

1.75" diameter x 72" long Boring Bar - chrome plated induction hardened and precision ground 100,000 PSI high tensile strength alloy steel. The chrome resists burrs and scoring to still fit the bearings use after use. Cutting Bit mounting holes are spaced 5 inches apart. 3/4 diameter shank with 3 flats for solid gripping by your mag drill chuck.

1.75" diameter x 40" long Boring Bar - for easy close hole boring.
3 bolt-on self-aligning Bearings - the I.D. of the bearings have a perfect fit between bar and bearings.
3 Bolt-on Bearing Mounting Plates and 5 pairs of Standoffs - 3/4 inch thick for easy weld on and vibration free machining. Easy to unbolt for measuring or welding. Black oxide coated to prevent rust. One of the Bearing Mounting Plates is extra long for use at the end of a boom or to mount the optional bore welder. Standoffs come in 3 different heights.
1 Drill Base Adapter with built-in bearing - 
Important safety device to hold the magnetic drill press in case of power failure. The built-in bearing takes the load of the boring shaft to prevent overloading the internal drill press bearings. Includes mounting hole for BOA-408-AMT bore welder.
2 Centering Sleeves - for concentric alignment of the boring bar and bearings in small holes.
2 Positioning Cones - for quick concentric alignment of the boring bar and bearings in larger holes.
8 Carbide Cutting Tools - 3 types of boring, 1 chamfering, 1 facing. Held in the boring shaft by heavy set screws. Modifiable cutters are long enough to rebore 5.5" diameter.
1 Dial Caliper - Measures 0" to 8" with dial readout to .001"
1 Caliper Jaw Extensions - Extends the jaws of the Digital Caliper to measure inside holes.
1 Manual Inside Caliper - to quickly check hole diameter without removing boring bar.
1 Telescoping Bore Gage Set - To measure the diameter of your holes.
1 Elastic Bunge Cord - Use the hold cones in position or to dampen boring bar vibration.
1 Carbide Die Grinder Tool - To grind out galled metal before you weld and grind high spots.
1 Solid Wood Case - Padlockable, with 2 handles, and dolly wheels.

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