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Mitsubishi QA-10
Electrical Discharge Machining EDM
Wire Cut EDM
4070 (LB)


QA10 offers the next generation of Ultra-Precision in a submerged wire EDM machine. New Z-Axis Casting, is cooled by the chilled system DI water. This maintains thermal stability between the table/workpiece area and the upper head of the machine. power-supply offers improved finish machining performance with the newly developed fine-pulse control (MP and ST2 circuits) 64-Bit PC based Multi-Tasking Control allows the operator to perform different tasks concurrently using a familiar Windows style graphical user interface on a 10.4" TFT liquid-crystal display. AWF is reliable with wire sizes that range from .002" to .010" MP Circuit this newly developed fine-pulse control technology allows for more precise discharge energy resulting in shorter machining times, particularly with fine wire sizes. FS3 (Standard) 1.5 ~ 2 microinch Ra. finish is attainable using fine wire with the FS3 Machining. A 2 ~ 4 microinch Ra is attainable with normal wire and workpiece sizes. No insulated fixtures are required when using "FS3 Machining", workpieces may be clamped directly to the machine table, cut and finished fully submerged for complete thermal stability.

Specification                                                                    Description

Machining Stroke (X x Y x Z)                                            13.77" x 9.84" x 8.66"

Machining Stroke (UV)                                                      +- 1.25"

Table Size                                                                             24.80" x 20.86"

Maximum Workpiece Weight                                             1,168 Lbs

Maximum Workpiece Size                                                     31.49" x 22.63" x 8.66"

Taper Capacity                                                                       +/- 15 degrees in 4"

Wire Diameter Capability (Std)                                             .002" - .010" (.008")

Maximum Amperage                                                                 40 Amps

Dielectric Water Capacity                                                         106 Gal

Approximate Overall Dimensions                                      101" x 91" x 90"

Approximate Machine Weight                                                 4,070 Lbs

Equipped With:

* Mitsubishi 64 Bit Multi-Tasking CNC Control w/ 10.4" Color LCD * AF3 Autothreader * Submerged Cutting Capability * Linear Glass Scales (X&Y) * Fine Finishing Circuitry (FS3) * Anti-Electrolysis Power Supply w/MP Circuitry * Automatic Power & Corner Selection / PM2 * 4-Sided Zeroline Stainless Steel Table * Electric Chiller * All Available Manuals and Accessories

Condition: As Is, Where Is

Stock Number: 0795

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