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Electrical Discharge Machining EDM
Die Sink EDM
3740 (LB)


Chmer CM-434C CNC Sinker EDM
Stock Number: 1462
Chmer CM-434C
Age: 2015
Condition: As Is, Where Is
The CHMER 434C is the product of decades of experience building EDM machine tools. It is a space effiecient three-piece design comprised of the machine tool, DI tank and CNC Control. The CHMER control with its intuitive conversational programming is very easy to use.                   
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Specification                                                                   Description
Machining Stroke (X.Y,Z)                                            15.7" x 11.9" x 13.8"
Worktank Size                                                             41.3" x 24.4" x 13.8"
Table Size                                                                          25.5" x 15.7"
Distance from Platen to Table                                          9.8" - 23.7"
Worktank Access                                                      Front Swing Door
Maximum Workpiece Weight                                          2,200 lbs
Maximum Current Output                                                 75 Amps
Maximum Electrode Weight                                            220 lbs
Minimum Resolution                                                           .000020"
Maximum Machining Speed                                      2.12 cu in/hr
Best Surface Finish                                                      0.25 um/Ra
Dielectric System Capacity                                         103 gal
Electrical Requirements                                      200-220V/3Phz/60Hz/5kVA
Machine Dimensions                                                   49" x 55" x 88"H
Machine Weight                                                               3,080 lbs
Control Dimensions                                                   24" x 33" x 73"H
Control Weight                                                                484 lbs
Dielectric System Dimensions                                   55" x 32" x 17"H
Dielectric System Weight                                                176 lbs
Machine Overall Footprint                                         76" x 90" x 88"H
Total Machine Weight                                               3,740 lbs

Equipped With:
* Chmer CNC Control w/15" Color TFT Monitor * Data Input - MDI, LAN Port and USB Port * Light Curtain Option * Automatic Voltage Regulator Option * 10,000 Stored Cutting Conditions * X,Y & Z Closed-Loop Glass Scales * Ultra-High Precsion Ball Screws and LM Guides (Ways) * Panasonic AC Servo Motors * Remote Hand Pendant * Advanced Anti-Arc Protection * Conversational Programming * 75 Preprogrammed Orbit Routines * Flushing Manifold with Pressure and Suction Valves * Auto Lube System * Halogen Worklight * All Available Manuals and Accessories

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