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Robofil 240SL
Electrical Discharge Machining EDM
Wire Cut EDM
5716 (LB)


Key Points * Space Saving Compact Design * 56Rc Chrome Harden Table * Heavy Workpiece Design without the loss of accuracy * Low consumable cost filtration system * 30 deg Taper capability at max Z height * 0.00002" resolution glass scales on all axes * Industrial speed of 28sq. inches/hour * Collision protection on all axes * Rhenocast base for thermo stability and vibration dampening * 0.008" diameter brass wire technology that with one rough cut can equal in surface finish a rough and 1 skim with 0.01" brass wire

Specification                                                           Description

X, Y, Z Travels                                                       13.77" x 8.66" x 8.66"

U, V Travel                                                       13.77" x 8.66"

Maximum Taper Angle                                        +/- 30 Deg / 8.66"

Wire Diameter Capability                                        .004" to .012"

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions                        38.37" x 21.65" x 8.66"

Maximum Workpiece Weight                                   1,650 lbs

Table Dimensions                                                26.77" x 17.72"

Inside Tank Dimensions                                        39.37" x 21.65"

Wire Capability                                                       .004" to .012"

Reservoir Capacity                                                200 Gallons

Power Supply                                                      380/400 V , 10 KVA

Machine Dimensions                                           79.53" x 80.71" x 78.74"H

Machine Weight                                                        5,716 lbs

Equipped With:

* Charmilles Millennium CNC Control * Submerged Cutting Capability * Automatic Wire Threader * Anti-Collision Protecting Standard on All Axis * Electric Chiller * Transformer * All Available Manuals and Accessories

Stock Number: 0807

Condition: As Is, Where Is

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