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Xact Smart 225/4100
Press Brakes
CNC Pressbrake
33069 (LB)


Tonnage 248 Tons
Bending length 161.4 in
Standard stroke [S] 7.9 in
Open height [D] 18.4 in
Distance between side frames 134.7 in
Throat [T] 15.8 in
Table Width 2.37 in
Max. back gauge range X-axis 36.5 in
X-axis travel 23.7 in
X-axis speed 945 in/min
X-axis position accuracy 0.0019 in
R-axis travel 6 in
R-axis speed 237 in/min
R-axis position accuracy 0.0019 in
Z-axis travel 113.39 in
Z-axis speed 945 in/min
max. Y-approach speed 331 in/min
Max. Y-working speed 23.6 in/min
Y-position accuracy 0.0004 in
Oil capacity 92.2 gal
Electric supply 20.1 hp
Weight 33,069 lbs
Length, approx. [L] 194.9 in
Width, approx. [W] 59.5 in
Height, approx. [H] 113.8 in

Bystronic Xact Smart 225/4100 This machine was purchased new and used for a couple of small jobs. Comes with a new tooling package. In great shape. Xact Smart 225/4100 1.2 ByVision Bending control with 22 Inch Full HD display and touch technology 1.3 OPC Interface Bending 1.4 DNC controlled hydraulic crowning 1.5 Machine frame 1.6 Safety System Fast Bend S 1.7 2 manual adjustable front supports, length 400mm 1.8 Table T5/90 1.9 Upper tool clamping type (Euro-B) mechanical (fast clamping plates) 1.10 2-axis back gauge system 1.11 Electrically interlocked side fences 1.12 Rear protection devices / sliding door incl. interlocking switch 1.13 Linear guide on lower beam 1.14 Control console with foot switch 1.15 Ambient air temperature 7 deg C up to 35 deg C  

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