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Welding Equipment
Bore Welding Equipment


This bore welder system is for fast smooth perfect spiral welding in holes from 1.50" (32mm) to 8.0" (204mm) diameter. Connects to your Wire Feed MIG Welder with free adapter. Does a perfect spiral weld that is very easy to bore.
* Mounts to either end of all new Q125, Q150 or Q175 line boring systems so you can leave the boring equipment setup while welding the holes.
* Connects to your MIG wire feeder and power supply
* Includes adapter to connect to your wire feed MIG welder.
* Pass-through drive system features telescoping, reversible torch extension with precision lead-screw feed ensures accurate, repeatable weld bead placement ensuring proper bead to bead and bead to base metal penetration (weld thickness is easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing torch speed and wire feed speed)
* Durable corrosion-resistant construction throughout
* Lockable clutch allows single-plane first welds
* Easily adapted to a variety of boring bar systems using standard BRS interchange kits
* Pivoting torch head allows system to weld in large range of bore sizes with no torch change
* All weld nozzles are electrically isolated, thread-on design
* All weld tips are straight thread-in design; easily replaced and inexpensive
* Excellent telephone tech support
Package includes:
* Adapter to fit your MIG welder
* Weld-on mounting adapter
* Custom heavy duty aluminum carrying/storage case
* Arc start / stop / interrupt switch
* Power cord  Operators manual  Tool kit
* One piece motion device and controller with eight position borewelder mount
* 1.25" stainless steel support tube
* Mini diffuser
* Mini nozzle (insulated)
* Standard diffuser
* (2) .8mm (.030") Stub tips
* (2) .8mm (.030") Standard tips
* Standard nozzle (insulated)
* Stub nozzle (insulated)
* Standard torch assembly with 24" extension tube and 120" conduit

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