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Press Brakes
CNC Pressbrake
57000 (LB)


Hybrid drive system incorporates AC servo motor driven bi-directional, high

efficiency pumps providing high speed ram movement and super accurate ram

repeatability. This advanced design offers quick setup, high-speed operation,

and increased throughput. 
CNC controlled hydraulic cylinders located in lower beam eliminate tool

shimming due to ram deflection. 
The Windows XPe embedded, touch screen control provides for transfer of tool

setup data, bend sequences, and 3D simulation between control and network

Super accurate, high speed 5-axis backgauge reduces positioning time and

easily handles staging of complex parts. 
Optional Dr. ABE Bend off-line programming software further increases the high

productivity offered by the HDS 2204NT press brake

HDS 2204NT is an 243 ton, down acting, electric/hydraulic press brake with a

bed length of 14 feet. There are 148.0" between the frames, with an open

height of 20.47". The maximum travel distance of the ram is 9.84", and the

maximum bend length that can be formed is 168.5". The ram repeatability is 

0.00004", while the backgauge can travel 27.55". 

The HDS 2204NT has an AMNC-PC control, which is used to control the ram,

backgauge and other appropriate functions. There are four methods of entering

data into the AMNC-PC control, 2D GRAPHICS mode, ANGLE Mode, DEPTH Mode and 3D

Mode Dr.ABE_Bend, Amadas offline simulation and programming software for

press brakes allow for the generation of programs and set-up data external to

the press brake. This translates into less time setting up the press brake and

more time running production. 
The hybrid drive system incorporated in the HDS 2204NT press brake offers the

user multiple benefits including:

Super accurate ram repeatability - 0.00004" 
High speed ram movement 
Low power consumption 
Less oil required and less frequent oil changes 
Very low noise

System Specifications

Press Brake 
Maximum Tonnage:243 U.S. tons
Bend Length: 168.5 inches
Maximum Stroke Length: 9.84 inches
Open Height: 20.47 inches
Throat Depth: 16.3 inches
Distance Between Housings: 148.0 inches
Ram Repeatability: 0.00004 inches
Approach Speed: 7.87 inches per second
Bending Speed: 0.78 inches per second (Max) programmable
Return Speed: 7.87 inches per second
Overall Machine Dimensions:
188" (L) x 126.57" (H) x 72" (W)
(224.8" (L) w/control to far left)
(97.05" (W) w/control in forward position)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 33.4 gallons
Machine Weight: 57,000 lb. Approx.
Motor HP:
7.5 x 2 (Main hyd. pump motors)
5.5 (Crowning hyd. pump motor)
Power Requirements 99 Amps at 200 Volts
L Axis 0.0008 inches
Movement Range
L Axis 27.55 inches
Y Axis 142.04 inches
Z Axis 9.8 inches

Feed Speed
L Axis 1,180 inches per minute
Y Axis 2,362 inches per minute
X Axis 393 inches per minute
Minimum Command Unit
Ram 0.0001 inch
Backgauge 0.001 inch

CNC Controls, Model: Amada AMNC-PC

Eight Axes of Control:
D1 & D2 - Ram depth
( 0.098" ram tilt)
L1 & L2 - Backgauge
(19.68" gauge taper maximum)
Z Vertical finger position
Y1 & Y2 - Horiz. finger movement, side to side
CC - Ram crowning

Input Method
Touch Screen:
Display: 15" Color Liquid Crystal Touch Screen Program
Storage: Limited only by network storage capacity
Bends per Program: 99

Die Library: 300
Punch Library: 300

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