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schuler press


PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA $79,500.00

Stock # 10130

Serial # H/7610

New 2001

Model # HPDZb200


Bed Size: 63" x 55" Tee Slotted
Ram Face: 63" x 55" Tee Slotted
Ram Stroke: 35.4"
Maximum Daylight Over 9" Thick Bolster Plate: 36"
24" Wide Windows
Maximum Ram Speed: 15.75 Inches Per Second (945 IPM)
Minimum Ram Speed: 1.85 Inches Per Minute
69.4 Ton Capacity Bed Cushion with 17.7" Stroke, CNC Controlled
3.3 Ton Ejector in Ram with 9.45" Ejector Stroke
Maximum Weight of Upper Die: 6,615 Lbs.
Maximum Offset Ram Load Left & Right: 147,520 Lbs.
Maximum Offset Ram Load Front & Back: 73,760 Lbs.
Allen Bradley Versa View 1500 PLC Control, Pendant Mounted
Snap Thru Dampening
200 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 480 Volt Main Hydraulic Pump Motor

Heat Exchanger & Oil Cooler

Schuler Feed Line, Feeding from the Back to the Front
Schuler Servo Roll Feed, New 2001, Type WV-KR-160-1050
Strip Width: 6" Minimum to 36" Maximum
Strip Thickness: .035" Minimum to .055" Maximum
Feed Length: .004" Minimum to 393.7" Maximum
Power Adjustable Passline Height
Power Elevation to Material Infeed Tray Rollers
Siemens Servo Drive Motor

Schuler Straightener, New 2001, Model RCS-6-70/160-1050
Strip Width: 6" Minimum to 36" Maximum
Strip Thickness: .035" to .055" Maximum
(6) Straightening Rolls with Manual Adjustment & Dials
Indicator Readout
Pinch Rolls on Exit Side
Materials Width Guide Rollers with Manual Adjustment
Top Half of Straightener has Power Lift for Material Loading & Maintenance
Power Raise & Lower to Material Infeed Tray & Rollers
Loop Control Arm
3.7 KW SEW Eurodrive Motor, Wired 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 277-480 Volts

Schuler Motorized Uncoiler, New 2001, Type HES-12-1000
10,000 Lb. Weight Capacity
Strip Width: 6" Minimum to 36" Maximum
Maximum Coil O.D.: 43.3"
Power Expansion Range: 18.5" to 20.9"
(6) Coil Keeper Arms
Hold Down Arm, Hydraulic Raise & Lower with Adjustable Pressure

Schuler Motorized Coil Arm with:
(2) 100" Long Sections of Track

Schuler Operator Control Console for the Feed Line with:
Hand Held Pendant, Auto Threading & Job Memory

SPR-2000 Sproller Stock Lubricator

Press Laying Down: 233" L x 127" W x 86" H x 59,000 Lbs.
Hydraulic System: 11 L x 5-1/2 W x 9 H x 11,000 Lbs.
Servo Roll Feed: 82" F-B x 78" L-R x 83" H x 5,900 Lbs.
Straightener: 100" F-B x 70" L-R x 80" H x 6,100 Lbs.
Uncoiler: 78" L x 60" W x 112" H with Hold Down Arm Raised x 4,800 Lbs.
Skid with Fence Enclosure for Feed Line: 160" L x 84" W x 44" H
Hydraulic System for Uncoiler Sitting on Skid: 45" L-R x 48" F-B x 24" H
Electric Control Cabinet with AC Unit: 126" L x 30" W x 89" H
Schuler Electric Switchgear Cabinet, 480 Volts: 71" L x 21" W x 89" H
Skid with Stock Lubricator & Feedline Pendant Control: 45" L-R x 48" F-B x 24" H
Schuler Operator Control Console Laying Down on Skid: 43" L-R x 33" F-B x 24" H
Catwalk, Ladder & Support Legs Banded Together: 10 L x 63" W x 70" H
Catwalk, Misc. Hydraulic Lines & PLC Control: 136" L x 39" W x 53" H
Skid with Support Legs Banded Together: 13 L x 4 W x 4 H
Skid with Misc. Banded to Skid: 60" L x 40" W x 12" H x 100 Lbs.
Skid with Radiator: 48" L x 45" W x 12" H x 100 Lbs.
Coil Car: 67" L x 65" W x 29" H
(2) 100" Long Pieces of Track for Coil Car: 100" L x 5" W x 2" H
Plastic Basket with Wiring: 32" L x 30" W x 36" H
Skid with Press Cushion: 4 L x 4 W x 33" H
Wire Basket with Hydraulic Lines & Operator Pedestal: 48" L x 40" W x 36" H

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