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Parts Cleaning
Belt Washer


Reference #: 8204
Machine Type:
Year: R2021
Manufacturer: Alliance
Model: 14" Belt Washer
Condition: Rebuilt 2021
Under Power: Ni
Code: W0504
Load area length: 12"
Wash / blow-off area:
Dwell: 12"
Wash: 24"
Dwell: 12"
Blow-off: 18"
Unload area length: 12"
Tank width: 30"
Belt height: 36" ~ 37
Part clearance: 8"
Total conveyor length: 90"
Wash tank capacity: ~140 gallons
Equipped With:
Heated Wash / Blow-Off
Stainless-Steel Tank Construction
Electric Heat
480 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Hertz
100-amp Main Breaker
Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
New stainless-steel plumbing on the outside
Modified CPVC plumbing on the inside
New stainless-steel canister filter
New water make-up with new ASCO valve
New level sensor
New 1" x 1" stainless-steel steel belt
New stainless-steel sprockets
UHMW spacers between the sprockets
New stainless-steel shafts
New bearings
New Goulds pump
New blower motor
New blow-off hose
New plastic clip-on nozzles
New conveyor drive gearmotor
New vinyl strip curtains
Existing electrical enclosure will be removed, painted and re-installed
The existing components will be used though the panel will be re-wired
Field wiring will all be new
New oil skimmer
New cleanout door seal
New electrical prints will be provided
Any new purchased components are warranted as agreed to by the individual
suppliers; original manufacturer warrantees will be honored on these specific
purchased components. This warranty shall not apply to any equipment, which
has been repaired or altered outside of the seller`s factory or in any way so as,
in the seller`s judgment, to affect the reliability, or which has been subject to
misuse, negligence, accident, or failure on the part of the buyer to follow
standard maintenance procedures and original manufactures specifications.

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