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24 Inch Belt Washer
Parts Cleaning
Belt Washer



  • Load area length: 24\"
  • Wash area: 4 ft
  • Rinse area: 4 ft
  • Blow-off area: 6 ft
  • Unload area length: 24\"
  • Tank width: 54\"
  • Belt Height: 38\"
  • Part clearance: 18\"
  • Total conveyor length: 18 Feet

Equipped With:

  • Heated Wash / Heated Rinse / Blow-Off
  • Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Electric Heat (250 AMP main breaker)


  • After the initial wash the solution would be stripped by a 20hp regenerative
  • blower mounted on top of the machine. It would then go in to the next wet tank
  • After that stage, it would enter the blow-off section with
  • another 20hp regenerative blower
  • New upper walls with large hinged access doors
  • New stainless steel insulation skins
  • Thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Brand new stainless-steel roller bed conveyor
  • New 1/2hp Marathon Black Max drive motor
  • New Grove 100:1 gear box
  • New 1 x 1 stainless-steel flat wire conveyor belt
  • New stainless-steel sprockets
  • New stainless-steel keyed shaft
  • New bearings
  • New 5.1hp Brinkmann pumps
  • New 28Kw heating elements; 2 in the wash and 2 in the rinse
  • New stainless-steel Rosedale canister filters
  • All new stainless steel plumbing
  • New stainless water make-ups with new ASCO valves
  • New Keyence FL series level sensors

Scope of Work:

  • Work to be completed:
  • New 20hp regenerative blower (strip blower / after wash)
  • New 20hp regenerative blower (final blow-off / after RP)
  • New Losma Darwin 3000 mist collector
  • New blowers need to be purchased and installed.
  • Panel needs to be built and machine needs to be wired. ALL NEW CONTROLS!!!
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC and Automation Direct 10 color touch screen
  • Allen-Bradley VFD for the 20HP bottom regenerative blower
  • Ball valves to control upper and lower spray on the wash and rinse.
  • 6-8 weeks to complete.
  • The existing stainless-steel tank was used

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