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Spirit 4
Electrical Discharge Machining EDM
Die Sink EDM
9200 (LB)


The Swiss Made "Spirit" CNC EDM, developed as the result of nearly 50 years of EDM experience. Being a leading supplier to the die/mold and precision components industries, offering a complete line of products and peripherals to grow your business. The Spirit offers an excellent price-to-benefit ratio with many standard features including - * Flexible Workpiece Capacity with Removable Electrode Racks * Agiebril EDM Polishing without Using Messy Additives or Powders * High Velocity Pulsation (HVP) for difficult Flushing Conditions * Full Crash Protection with High Speed Servo using Fiber Optic Servo Feedback * Large 4,000 lbs. Table Load * Standard Features including "C" Axis and Large Capacity AEC

Specification                                               Description

Travels With Tool Magazine ( X,Y,Z )       19.7" x 13.8" x 15.7"

Travels without Tool Magazine ( X,Y,Z )        27.6" x 19.7" x 15.7"

Table to Quill Distance                                    6.5" - 22.2"

Table Size ( X,Y )                                            34.3" x 21.6"

Max. Workpiece Dimensions With Tool Mag     36.2" x 21.6" x 14.5"

Max. Workpiece Dimensions Without Tool Mag 43.3" x 29.5" x 14.5"

Max. Workpiece Weight                                       4,400 lbs

Internal Tank Dimension                                     46.0" x 33" x 17.0"

Amperage                                                       104 Amps

C-Axis Resolution                                              .001 Deg

C-Axis Rotation                                              0 - 55 RPM

Open Gap Voltage                                              100V & 300V

Programmable Polarity                                       Standard

Best Achievable Surface Finish                   0.2Ra / 8microinch Aa

Maximium Workpiece Capacity                      4,000 lbs

Maximum Electrode Weight                               110 lbs

Dielectric Capacity                                                220 Gal

Axes Resolution (XYZ)                                        .00001"

Axes Traverse Speed                                         37.0 in/min

Electrical Requirements                             400V/3Ph/60Hz; 9.7 KVA

System Weight                                                 9,200 lbs

Machine Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 118" x 79" x 105"

Equipped With:

* Agie Advance Conversational CNC Control * High Precision/High Power C-Axis (Erowa ITS) * 15 Position AEC Rack Type * Agie APG Generator (104A) * Swiss Built Machine Tool * Pentium Windows Based Control * 14" CRT Display * Floppy Drive * 5 Gbyte Hard Drive * Point & Click Design * Orbiting (2D, 3D, to Spherical) * Intelligent Hand Remote w/LCD * Contouring Capable * Gantry Construction * Polymer Granite Base * Automatic Rapid Fill & Drain * 3 Flushing Choices - Quill, Pressure and Suction * High Voltage Capacitance (300V) * All Available Manuals and System Disks * Table magnets and tooling shown not included with the machine

Stock Number: 1441

Condition: As Is, Where Is

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