150 TON X 10 BYSTRONIC XPERT 150 X 31000, 6-AXIS,MFG:2012 OUR STOCK NUMBER: 11516

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XPERT 150 X 31000
Press Brakes
CNC Pressbrake
24500 (LB)


Working length: 3100 mm (~122")
Maximum press force kN: 1500 (~ 150 tons)
Maximum stroke: 315 mm (~12.3")
Rapid approach: 190 mm/s (~449 inches per minute)
Working speed: 20 mm/s (~46 inches per minute)
Return speed: Return speed: 200 mm/s (~ 472 inches per minute)
Weight: 11,100 kg (~24,500 lbs.)
Electrical values
Power of main motor kW: 23
Total connected load kW: 26
Operating voltage: 480
Frequency Hz: 60
Control voltage V: 24
Nominal current fuse A: 50
Maximum operating pressure bar: 8
Maximum accumulator pressure bar: 300 

This machine has:
Hydraulic crowning
An additional 100mm of stroke length
T12 hydraulic clamping upper and lower
6axis back gauge
High speed ram
Heat exchanger for electronics
ERGO package II
Productivity Package II

As well as full machine lengths worth of each of the following

Wila tooling:
BIU-031/1 - 5 sections
BIU-031/2 - 1 section
OZU-322/1 - 5 sections
OZU-322/2 - 1 section
Wila extender TSU-030/4 - 2 pieces
New standard pro bottom tool holder OB I-MC/3090mm

Custom Wila tooling in:
Each with 5 sections of 200mm long and 1 set of sectional

All dies are radius edge to reduce marking parts.

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